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1. Cookie and Similar Technologies Usage Policy

This policy relates to “cookies” and other similar technologies used by the website uasbg.com (hereinafter referred to as Unique Auto Services).

Cookies are used for the following purposes:

 – For the functioning of the website,

 – For the analysis of visitor behavior on the website,

– For advertising.

This policy is supplemented by Unique Auto Services’ data protection policy as a whole and the General Terms and Conditions and the order of the website, which we recommend you read, including additional useful information. Adequate data protection is an important task for Unique Auto Services

2. What are cookies?

“Cookies” are small text files consisting of letters and numbers that will be stored on your computer, mobile phone, or other user terminal through which they access the internet.

3. What are cookies used for?

These files generally enable the recognition of the user’s terminal and the presentation of content in a way that is meaningfully adapted to the user’s preferences. Cookies ensure that users have a good experience and support the efforts of Unique Auto Services to provide services that are best suited to users, such as preferences for online privacy, shopping carts, or relevant advertisements. They are also used in preparing anonymous aggregated statistical data that help us understand how users use our web pages, allowing us to improve the structure and content without identifying each individual user.

4. What cookies do we use?

We use two types of cookies: session and persistent. Session cookies are temporary files that remain on the terminal until the end of the user session or the closure of the application. Persistent cookies remain on the user’s terminal for the period determined by the cookie parameters or until manually deleted by the user.

5. How are cookies used on this site?

Visiting this site may leave the following types of cookies:

– Cookies that are strictly necessary for the site’s operation

– Analysis cookies

– Advertising cookies.

Cookies and/or other strictly necessary similar technologies are essential for the proper functioning of the site, being set on your device upon entering the website or as a result of actions taken on the site, as appropriate. You can configure your browser to block “cookies,” but in this case, some sections of the site may not work correctly.

6. Do cookies contain personal data?

Cookies themselves do not require personal information to be used and, in many cases, do not even identify the identity of internet users. However, there are situations when personal data can be collected through the use of cookies to facilitate certain user functions or to provide the user with a feeling that is adapted to their preferences. This data is encrypted in a way that makes unauthorized access impossible.

7. Blocking cookies

If you want to block cookies, some features of the site will be stopped, and this may create some malfunctions or errors when using our site.

In case you agree with these limitations and want to block cookies, follow the instructions on your specific browser for blocking cookies.

Our desire is to be as clear and transparent as possible in addressing and dealing with this issue. For any questions, please contact us at sp5uas@abv.bg.