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Key Insights into Power Steering Fluid:

Power steering fluid plays a multifaceted role in your vehicle:

A noteworthy indicator of the power steering fluid’s condition is its changing color, suggesting that it has diligently cleared the system of wear-related byproducts, including those minuscule metal particles. Regrettably, in this altered state, the fluid’s capacity to efficiently lubricate diminishes, and it metamorphoses into a somewhat counterproductive “liquid abrasive,” potentially reaching and jeopardizing various components within the power steering system, such as the power steering pump or steering rack.

Thus, the prudent course of action is to schedule a timely power steering fluid change.

Regular upkeep, including fluid replacement, is paramount to safeguard the health of your vehicle’s power steering system.

In line with the recommendations from both vehicle manufacturers and lubricant experts, it is advised to renew the power steering fluid every two years.